Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Women's Day: " Buy Flowers, Keep Smiling"

I have been saying for years now that "We don't just sell flowers, we sell emotion!" Read on:

This month's issue of Women's Day magazine encourages readers to treat themselves to flowers because research shows they'll "keep you smiling for several days." The message is right out of the SAF PR Fund's Emotional Impact of Flowers Study, which proves that flowers create instant delight and true smiles

The study was conducted in partnership with Rutgers University in 2000. "I remember asking psychologist and lead researcher Dr. Jeannette Haviland-Jones back then how 'evergreen' a study like this was," recalls SAF Vice President of Marketing Jennifer Sparks. "In other words, do the research findings become outdated quickly, as poll questions do? How long will this good news be relevant to consumers.”

The fact that Women's Day editors turned to the research nine years later reinforces what Haviland-Jones told Sparks in 2000: Because the study focuses on basic human emotion and deep-seated feelings, which don't change as opinions do, this research will last for decades. "This is great news to us knowing we have a piece of research that puts a gift of flowers into a higher realm than just something that looks pretty on your kitchen table," Sparks says. "Obviously, the media sees the news value too, and continues to show interest in good, solid floral research." The Woman's Day article generates 12.5 million consumer impressions, bringing the total consumer impressions generated by the SAF PR Fund to more than 852 million.