Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Teleflora Keepsake Gift From Corona Rose Flowers

Teleflora's Mixing Bowl Bouquet
They'll bake merry with this bright red ceramic holiday mixing bowl ringed with enchanting descaled gingerbread people. In a addition to colorful flowers, the arrangement features wooden baking spoons, which leads us to the savory sweepstakes described below. They'll eat it up.
The cheerful bouquet includes red and white flowers with fragrant Christmas greens and pine cones-topped off with wooden mixing spoons.
Bouquet is approximately 15.5" W x 14" H - As shown $67.95 Deluxe $77.95
When you give this festive gift, you also give your recipient (and yourself) the chance to win a $25,000 kitchen makeover plus 500 more delectable prizes Teleflora's Bake a Batch Sweepstakes. Item #09X2000B
Or call for the personal touch 800-827-8178 or local 951-737-7270

For a great Gingerbread Man Cookie Recipe:

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving flowers & gifts

Exotic flowers are naturally gorgeous and beautiful. Flowers in all hues and colors can be arranged in beautiful bouquets and floral arrangements to give to our friends and hosts for Thanksgiving Dinner. They are lovely and remind us of the beauty of Nature sculpted by divine hands. The freshness, the beauty and the sweet scents of flowers touch everybody's hearts with tender feelings of love, care and thankfulness to everything that is worth living in the world. Flowers can also be used as table centerpieces for Thanksgiving dinner table or arranged in ethnic baskets on the hearth. They can be woven in creative wreaths that can adorn our walls and doors or remind our loved ones of how warm our feelings are for them. Flowers strung in innovative ways can be used for holiday decoration and even a single flower on the altar can be used to express our thankfulness to the Almighty. Use them creatively with votive candles to designed centerpieces that will win everyone's appreciation and can be used as personalized gifts your guests can take home. For information on the history of Thanksgiving; food, customs, etc go to: Very interesting information....

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Fresh Flower Centerpieces say Happy Thanksgiving Best!

Whether you celebrate at home or friends or families don't forget the fresh flowers!

FTD® Bright Autumn™ Centerpiece spins the magic of the Fall season with each sun-kissed petal to set your gathering space aglow with blooming beauty. Two taper candles are surrounded by a gorgeous arrangement.

The FTD® Cornucopia ushers in abundant beauty during the harvest season. This lovely horn-shaped basket is gorgeously adorned with sunflowers, bi-colored orange roses and burgundy carnations seated amongst eucalyptus and wheat to create the perfect centerpiece for your Thanksgiving feast.

One more day left to get your long lasting Thanksgiving Centerpiece From Corona Rose Flowers & Gifts. Call Now to Reserve one for you or for friends or family members.
951-737-7270 or 800-827-8178

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Women's Day: " Buy Flowers, Keep Smiling"

I have been saying for years now that "We don't just sell flowers, we sell emotion!" Read on:

This month's issue of Women's Day magazine encourages readers to treat themselves to flowers because research shows they'll "keep you smiling for several days." The message is right out of the SAF PR Fund's Emotional Impact of Flowers Study, which proves that flowers create instant delight and true smiles

The study was conducted in partnership with Rutgers University in 2000. "I remember asking psychologist and lead researcher Dr. Jeannette Haviland-Jones back then how 'evergreen' a study like this was," recalls SAF Vice President of Marketing Jennifer Sparks. "In other words, do the research findings become outdated quickly, as poll questions do? How long will this good news be relevant to consumers.”

The fact that Women's Day editors turned to the research nine years later reinforces what Haviland-Jones told Sparks in 2000: Because the study focuses on basic human emotion and deep-seated feelings, which don't change as opinions do, this research will last for decades. "This is great news to us knowing we have a piece of research that puts a gift of flowers into a higher realm than just something that looks pretty on your kitchen table," Sparks says. "Obviously, the media sees the news value too, and continues to show interest in good, solid floral research." The Woman's Day article generates 12.5 million consumer impressions, bringing the total consumer impressions generated by the SAF PR Fund to more than 852 million.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Graduation Lei's Now Available

Now In
Graduation Lei's
While supplies last...Call to order yours Now:


Bombay Lei's

Double White Lei

Hand Painted Kukui Nut Lei's

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Recent Recognition!

In April Premier Service Bank choose Corona Rose Flowers as their Business of the Month-Corona!
All month we had fun delivering an assortment of fresh flower arrangments for Easter, birthdays, anniversaries and some of them were just for fun!

Premier Service Bank featured us in their ad in the The Press Enterprise in April and in the Corona Chamber's Business Monthly Publication in May. We were treated to lunch at the
Citrus City Grille in Dos Lagos.

Thank you
Premier Service Bank what a great time we had
and what an honor to be choosen!!
Ken and Sandi Staudinger, AIFD

Celebrating our 39th Wedding Anniversary!

Ken and I are celebrating
our 39th.
Wedding Anniversary
On June 13th!

To Celebrate
if your birthday or Anniversary falls on the same day
come into Corona Rose Flowers at
844 W. 6th. Street, Corona
On Saturday, June 13th


Wish us a "Happy Anniversary"
any time in June for a 10% discount on any
local delivery order ($35 or more)
including walking in for an arrangement!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Boxed Flowers Ordered Online

At Corona Rose Flowers presentation and customer satisfaction is very important to everyone here. That’s why we were amazed when it was brought to our attention how our competition from the “Big Name” online companies send out their product. Sure they offer discount prices for what appears to be beautiful arrangements. However once you watch this video you might begin to realize how much love and care local florist put into their products and that maybe that online price isn’t really a deal after all.